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Hotel for 2019

Due to the demand on hotel rooms in Dungarvan, as it’s one of Ireland’s most popular destinations, we have already booked a number of rooms in the Park Hotel, which is our base for the gathering. We are awaiting a price and will post as soon as we get it.
There are several B&B’s and self catering holiday homes also around the town.
There’s also The Gold Coast hotel but you’ll need transport and Lawlors hotel.
We have looked for both twin rooms and doubles.
Please drop an email to;
if you might be interested in a room. This is not a commitment to staying but we’ll be able to get an idea if we need to book extra rooms, while they are available.

Update of the Journey of the 2019 Flag

The flag for the 2019 McGrath Clan Gathering is making it’s way around the world. It has been to several parts of America already. This journey is helping spread the news of our festivial of McGrath heritage and history.

It will be in Canada for their 150 celebrations on July 1st when James McGrath will host it on this special day in Canadian history.

Applications from Australia, New Zealand and South Africia to host the 2019 McGrath flag, open on July 1st. Just send an email to

There is only two years to our next official International McGrath Clan Gathering. Plans are already in place for the event. In January, we will be starting to organize deals with the various hotels, holiday homes and guest houses.

Link to official Gathering Facebook

Link to McGrath Genealogy Facebook


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The Black Sheep -Tom McGrath


The Black Sheep, a book co written by Tom McGrath about his life.
(Available to purchase on Amazon)

In 1977, Tom McGrath crossed the United States in the record time of 53 days and seven minutes. Few would have guessed that he was a bar owner or that he would fight harder to stay sober than he ever did to keep running. With countless charity runs organized all over the world and his 10th bar still up and running in New York City, the question still remains, “Who is Tom McGrath?”

“A compelling tale of an authentic man. Tom McGrath has lived a life with two great themes, one as a fearless ultramarathon runner, the other a harrowing descent into alcoholism. His is a story of rare heroic athletic achievement and personal survival. I could not put it down.
– David Blaikie Ultra marathon World

“A monument whose inscription offers truth to all who visit: the drinker; the smoker; the athlete; the Christian; the philosopher.”
– Jesse Riley Trans-Am Race Director 92-96

2019 McGrath Flag on World Tour


McGrath Flag -SM 1N5A0350The official flag for the 2019 McGrath Clan Gathering will start it’s tour of the world next week. It will be flown in cities and towns, festivals and heritage centers over the next two years, ahead of the next International McGrath Clan Gathering in 2019.
Due to the success of last year’s Clan Gathering which attracted McGraths from nine countries, Dungarvan received the vote to host the next McGrath Gathering. The organizers were quick to point out, that the hospitality and co-operation of many of the business community played a major role in it’s success.
This year, the flag will be flown in the USA and Canada. Host cities include New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington for the 4th July, Toronto for Canada Day and St Johns(Newfoundland). It will be going from coast to coast in North America between now and the end of this year.

Cllr Damien Geoghegan, Chathaoirleach of the Dungarvan-Lismore Municipal District offered the McGrath Clan his best wishes on their latest venture as it begins its world tour with the official flag. “The McGrath Clan Gathering has been a tremendous initiative and has been instrumental in bringing visitors from all the over the world to Dungarvan and I wish it every continued success”.

The journey commences in California, when Mary McGrath who visited Dungarvan  during last year’s Clan Gathering, will be the first host of the flag on it’s inaugural journey.

The ‘Journey of the Flag’ has caught the imagination of McGraths around the world. It gives the McGrath diaspora an opportunity to be part of a great event.
Dan McGrath, Ceann Fine Clann Mhic Craith, was “delighted that the Flag of the 2019 McGrath Clan Gathering will be flown in various locations around the world over the next two years, ahead of the 2019 International McGrath Clan Gathering in Dungarvan. I’m delighted that I will be present in California, as it starts it’s journey, during the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade. Plans are well underway for 2019, which has been extended to five days. We look forward to welcoming members of the McGrath Clan, their extended families and friends to Dungarvan.”
The Chairman of Clans of Ireland, Gearoid O’Ceallaigh, also wished the flag well on it’s journey. “On behalf of Clans of Ireland, I would like to wish the flag and  emblem of the Mac Grath Clan“Slán go foil”, as it embarks on its journey around the World”.
Due to the success of the International McGrath Clan Gathering, the 2019 festival of McGrath heritage an history, has been extended to five days.mcgrath clan 20170224_095443

Mary McGrath, who will be the flag’s first host and Dan McGrath, Clan Chieftain.

Top Photo: Launch of  ‘The Journey of the Flag’ for the 2019 International McGrath Clan Gathering by Cllr Damien Geoghegan, Mayor of the Dungarvan – Lismore Municipal District, also included are Local organizing Committee Members, Martina McGrath, Martina McKeon and Dan McGrath, Clan Chieftain, and Rick McGrath, Canada.


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