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Lá Fhéile Pádraig /St Patrick’s Day 2018

St Patrick’s Day is a very important day for Irish people at home in Ireland or overseas. We celebrate all that’s good about our common Irish heritage. It is a celebration of our culture, our songs and our language.
Members of the McGrath Clan have settled in many towns and cities around the world, playing a big part in the life of their communities. They have brought our Irish culture and traditions to their new homelands. Several generations later, this bond with Ireland still remains.
It’s a joy to see Irish dancing, singing and traditional music been performed at various locations and at events around the world.
St Patrick’s Day celebrations will see members of the McGrath Clan gather with family and friends to take part in parades, visit Irish centers and celebrate our Irishness. It’s important that we preserve and enjoy our Irish heritage.
I’d like to wish all the McGrath Clan members, their extended families and friends a very happy and enjoyable St Patrick’s Day.

“Like the warmth of the sun
and the light of the day,
may the luck of the Irish
shine bright on your way.”

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Oraibh (Have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day)

Dan McGrath

Chieftain McGrath Clan
Board Member Clans of Ireland
Chairman McGrath Clan Association

(Image of St Patrick is from Tononto, Canada, sent to us by Kenneth McGrath)29179011_10155138833757077_5496386175448907776_n

St Patrick's Day Image


Tom runs 225 miles in 6 days for charity

Just before Christmas when most were making plans for the festive season, Tom McGrath was running back to back marathons. The New York publican and a son of Fermanagh, is no stranger to running. An ultra-distance runner who in 1977 broke the Trans-Am record, running from New York to San Francisco in 53 days. Now 68, he decided to run a marathon a day from Boston to New York in order to raise money for the American Wheelchair Mission.
Titled ‘Miles 4 Miracles’, the run was sponsored by many Irish American organizations. The American Wheelchair Mission distribute wheelchairs to veterans’ hospitals, fire houses, ambulances and churches.
The run began in Boston and it took six days to complete the distance, finishing at Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Lower Manhattan, a distance of 225 miles.
Speaking after the run, he said that he was “not sure I could have gone another day, but thank God I was able to make it.”
If Tom isn’t out running around Central Park or Manhattan, he can be found in the Black Sheep bar and restaurant, which he owns at 583 Third Ave. (between 38th & 39th Ave.).
Tom’s book “The Black Sheep” which gives a detailed account of his life and is available to buy on amazon.

Tom McGrath

2019 Flag heads to NZ, Aus & SA

Dear clan member

It’s less than 18 months the International McGrath Clan Gathering which is been hosted in the beautiful scenic town of Dungarvan in Co Waterford, on Ireland’s south east coast. The dates for the event are Wednesday June 26th to Sunday 30th (inclusive). Due to the amount of McGrath heritage and history in the area, we had to add an extra day to our gathering next year. This is to enable a second heritage tour to be added and more time at the various sites. The Clan Dinner will be on Sunday June 30th.

The theme for the 2019 McGrath Clan Gathering is “Back to our Roots in the Emerald Isle”. We feel this to be very appropriate, as the gathering is been hosted by our original clan, the McGrath Thomond, where the clan started over 1,000 years ago. It will be a five day celebration of our history, heritage and culture.

I want to thank all the people who hosted the 2019 Flag during the past year. It heads to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, in that order on April 1st.
If you would like to host the flag in any of those countries, please drop an email to

The McGrath Clan (of Thomond) are officially recognized by Clans of Ireland.


Dan McGrath

McGrath Clan Chieftain
Chairman International McGrath Clan Association
Director Clans of Ireland

Using DNA for family research

Using DNA for Family Research By Ann Marie Coghlan AGI Affiliate ISOGG Ireland

Talk given at the #GGI17 DNA Conference Dublin on 20th October 2017

Me and my DNA

• 85% of my family research completed with traditional research

• DNA goal was to test maternal female line – a brick wall. In February 2013 at ‘WDYTYA Live’ was advised to try the new ‘familyfinder’ for more results.

• Few known matches so decided to find a method of contacting other researchers. In July 2013 set
up ‘Cork-Ireland’ Project and the DNA Corcaigh group on facebook.
• Joined ISOGG. Attended #GGI13 Dublin.

• Local contact (South East Ireland) for FTDNA kits and testing
• 2016 Took on the McGrath Clan Project for Ceann Fine, and The Gathering DNA event
• 2016 Admin for Nagle Surname Project
• #GGI16 Presentation on DNA and Family History Societies.

• atDNA & mtDNA tested with FTDNA , ANCESTRY , Living DNA. Kit In Gedmatch.

Some Benefits of DNA Research
Knowledge and Skills

 Confirms my family research

 Finds the gaps in my Tree

 Helps me with ‘brick wall’

 Ability to research when there is
little or no documentation

 Finding descendants of
emigrants ancestors

• Researching female lines
Introduces me to new researchers

I use new data sets in other

I learn new research skills e.g.

 Focussed research builds my

Do I need a Family Tree ?

#GGI17 DNA for Family Research. Ann Marie Coghlan ISOGG

Tests 1. Paternal Descent DNA Y-DNA

What does it do ?

• Tests the Father to Son inheritance on Y Chromosome
• Places you on the ‘Adam’
Family Tree
• Men only
What does it cost and where can I get it?

• Between $169 and $359
• Further testing has
separate unit costs

• Family Tree DNA
• Old database is held by
Ancestry US
What can I do with the results?

• Follows your surname and/or male line
• Upload to Surname or
Clan database
• Fine tune your results.
Join your Haplogroup and specialist Projects
• Chart your male line back
to Ancient History.
• Upload to via

Tests 2. Autosomal DNA atDNA

What does it do ?

• Potential results on all ancestral lines to
7th generation.
What does it cost and
where can I get it?

• Between 60e – 130e depending on provider

• FTDNA Familyfinder,
Ancestry, 2,3&Me.
What can I do with
the results?

• Single matching , group matching

• Triangulation and
other tools available
• Upload raw data to other providers for more matches

with Female descent X-DNA

What does it do ?

• Gives results on the X Chromosome descent.
• Blended inheritance
– Men have
mother’s X, Women
have XX from both parents.
What does it cost and
where can I get it?

• Free!
• FTDNA and Ancestry atDNA results and when you upload to
What can I do with
the results?

• Determine X inheritance on special tree format.
• Use to confirm unknown atDNA matches and family lines.

Tests 3. Maternal Descent mtDNA
Mitochondrial DNA

What does it do ?

• Tests the direct inheritance from the Mother’s Mothers Line.
• Places you on the Migration Family Tree (Daughters of Eve)

• For Men and Women.
What does it cost and
where can I get it?

• Between $79 and $199

• Family Tree DNA
What can I do with the

• Community Research and
Cluster group research
• Join your Haplogroup
• Plot your family migration back to Ancient History
• Upload to via FTDNA

Identity and Privacy

NPE and genetic inheritance

Active participation

Stamina and Patience

Relying on others research


Set Research Goals and choose the kit for best fit.

Formulate research questions to use the kit’s database as a Research

Review the current Family Tree especially post 1850. Find the gaps.

Ask around, find out who else has tested.

Family Testing
• To establish or confirm a family line or family of origin, use your tree to
locate living descendants of the line for testing.
• Use the results to find mutual matches in your database for more


• To build up a genetic profile of a group, surname or location. Formulate the research parameters and locate testees who fit them.
• The Ideal Candidate has a comprehensive tree with a confirmed location.
• ‘Sticky Kits’

Be Strategic , clarify research goals.
Review the current version of the Tree and locate gaps.
Decide what personal information to attach to the kit.
Make a list of questions for your goals.

Make contact with relevant networks and consider setting up your own.
Treat the results as a repository not an information source.
Contact matches and answer their messages too.

Keep an open mind!

Thank you for listening and Good Luck !


• Genetic Genealogy Ireland blog

• Genetic Genealogy Ireland on

• Family Tree DNA and Projects

• Clans of Ireland
• Cork-Ireland Duo Geographical project and Skibbgirl Cork DNA

• Facebook’s Cork DNA Groups

• McGrath Clan project

• Guild of One Name Studies
• Nagle Surname Project

McGrath DNA Project

Hotel for 2019

Due to the demand on hotel rooms in Dungarvan, as it’s one of Ireland’s most popular destinations, we have already booked a number of rooms in the Park Hotel, which is our base for the gathering. We are awaiting a price and will post as soon as we get it.
There are several B&B’s and self catering holiday homes also around the town.
There’s also The Gold Coast hotel but you’ll need transport and Lawlors hotel.
We have looked for both twin rooms and doubles.
Please drop an email to;
if you might be interested in a room. This is not a commitment to staying but we’ll be able to get an idea if we need to book extra rooms, while they are available.