Clan McGrath Update


Just some news on upcoming McGrath Clan events. We are having a Reunion in Boston next March during St Patrick’s Weekend. The main event will be in the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton, Boston, MA, on Saturday, March 14th. We will be also meeting up on Friday night. The venue has to be confirmed. One has been chosen but we are looking at the logistics. It is our hope that we will be walking in the parade on Sunday 15th and await a reply to our application. A hotel as a base will be confirmed in the next week. The flag for the 2022 International McGrath Clan Gathering will be present.

Please send us an email and let us know if you are planning on joining us in Boston.
( Email: )

Plans are also been made for a Reunion in Australia in October 2020. The flag will be visiting Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. More details later.

Plans are ongoing for 2022. This will be our 7th official gathering of our clan. Dungarvan played host to this year’s gathering, which was our 6th and it proved a huge success. The flag starts its worldwide journey next March in California. Applications to host it will be open shortly.

We are experiencing a problem with our emails. Many people are not receiving them, some are going into trash folders. I’d appreciate you confirming receipt of this email.

We are now putting all emails in the news section of our website:

Dan McGrath

McGrath Clan Association

Clan Mhic Craith Tuadhmhuman

Clans of Ireland


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