McGrath Clan Gathering 2022 & Reunions updates

A Reunion is been planned for next year in the USA. It’s location is Boston and will be held over St Patrick’s weekend.
The flag for the 2022 International McGrath Clan Gathering will start it’s journey next March in California. It’s been decided to make it a tradition to start in California following the success of the flag’s journey for the 2019 gathering. The flag really helped share the news of our clan gathering. We will be looking for hosts later in the year.
There will be a 3-night event in Australia in October 2020 also. Details to follow.

Our International McGrath Clan Gatherings take place every three years in Ireland. The next gathering is in 2022.
One/two day Reunions are organized in various locations around the world. These help to promote our International Clan Gatherings in Ireland.

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2 thoughts on “McGrath Clan Gathering 2022 & Reunions updates

  1. Theresa McGrath Hollerbach

    I am a true McGrath. My family hails from County Sligo as well as County Clair. I am proud to be a Irish decendent!


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