Lá Fhéile Pádraig /St Patrick’s Day 2018

St Patrick’s Day is a very important day for Irish people at home in Ireland or overseas. We celebrate all that’s good about our common Irish heritage. It is a celebration of our culture, our songs and our language.
Members of the McGrath Clan have settled in many towns and cities around the world, playing a big part in the life of their communities. They have brought our Irish culture and traditions to their new homelands. Several generations later, this bond with Ireland still remains.
It’s a joy to see Irish dancing, singing and traditional music been performed at various locations and at events around the world.
St Patrick’s Day celebrations will see members of the McGrath Clan gather with family and friends to take part in parades, visit Irish centers and celebrate our Irishness. It’s important that we preserve and enjoy our Irish heritage.
I’d like to wish all the McGrath Clan members, their extended families and friends a very happy and enjoyable St Patrick’s Day.

“Like the warmth of the sun
and the light of the day,
may the luck of the Irish
shine bright on your way.”

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Oraibh (Have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day)

Dan McGrath

Chieftain McGrath Clan
Board Member Clans of Ireland
Chairman McGrath Clan Association

(Image of St Patrick is from Tononto, Canada, sent to us by Kenneth McGrath)29179011_10155138833757077_5496386175448907776_n

St Patrick's Day Image

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