The Black Sheep -Tom McGrath


The Black Sheep, a book co written by Tom McGrath about his life.
(Available to purchase on Amazon)

In 1977, Tom McGrath crossed the United States in the record time of 53 days and seven minutes. Few would have guessed that he was a bar owner or that he would fight harder to stay sober than he ever did to keep running. With countless charity runs organized all over the world and his 10th bar still up and running in New York City, the question still remains, “Who is Tom McGrath?”

“A compelling tale of an authentic man. Tom McGrath has lived a life with two great themes, one as a fearless ultramarathon runner, the other a harrowing descent into alcoholism. His is a story of rare heroic athletic achievement and personal survival. I could not put it down.
– David Blaikie Ultra marathon World

“A monument whose inscription offers truth to all who visit: the drinker; the smoker; the athlete; the Christian; the philosopher.”
– Jesse Riley Trans-Am Race Director 92-96

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