McGrath International Clan Gathering 2019

The Clan Gathering is very important in the annals of the McGrath Clan, and also in the broader context of promoting the rich history and cultural heritage of the Clan.
Our 2016 gathering in Dungarvan was a landmark event and was attended by McGraths and variants of the name from nine countries, their extended families and friends. Some of the attendees were the first members of their family to set foot on Irish soil in over 150 years. It offered McGrath Clan members the chance to celebrate with their namesakes and kinsmen from all over the world.
Our next official gathering in 2019 is back in Dungarvan, which proved to be the prefect location for our event. It a wonderful opportunity to mix and mingle with McGraths, hear their stories in an area with so much McGrath heritage. Don’t miss it !
To be put on the mailing list, drop an email to and/or go to

As we start working on letting people know about the next International McGrath Clan gathering, this is just one of the many nice comments received about our 2016 event in Dungarvan.
“Thank you for the perfect McGrath Clan orientation of Ireland. We loved meeting the local McGraths and all of the McGraths who came from all over the world to celebrate our common history. The company, entertainment, information-sharing, and hospitality were outstanding during our entire visit. Thank you, Dan, to you and your family for all of your time and effort for putting this together for us!”

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